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Futurewave is a part of the 18SG Group which is a fast growing real estate and infrastructure developer taking-up real estate, infrastructure development and mass-housing projects in India and abroad. We aspire to enhance tourism needs and the entertainment sector of the countries we are present in.

We bring Futurewave Entertainment as another exciting division to provide services in the field of entertainment, events & tourism promotion.The company is a leading name in the world of Fashion, Arts, Culture, Events & Lifestyle in India and internationally.We are poised at path breaking achievements, and make it our business to be your one stop guide and quintessential choice for customized entertainment on a lavish scale. Futurewave strives to create vibrant and memorable experiences and help in discover times that will be etched in your mind forever.

With personalized services and eclectic entertainment as our forte, we give you a wide variety of fun filled days and nights around exotic locales, like never before.Off the beaten path, our vision is to provide an escape for the young at heart and the golden old; our business spectrum extends to hosting myriad stories that are pioneering the entertainment compass of the world.

Futurewave Entertainment can't wait to welcome the adventurous community in to our vital & contemporary fold.